We would like to share with you a sampling of comments from past clients on their GCB Estate Sales experience. We are so glad that we have been able to assist these families and thank them for their trust in allowing us to conduct their estate sale.


If your family is considering an estate liquidation or downsizing sale, please consider GCB Estate Sales. It would be our pleasure to assist you.  

Early this year I found myself looking for an estate sale company to help me liquidate a 5,000 square foot home that included many valuable pieces of art, antiques and jewelry. GCB Estate Sales was recommended by a local attorney along with two other companies which I researched and interviewed. After meeting Ann George, there was no question that GCB was the company I had to enlist to help me get through this daunting task.

Our sale was last weekend and was a huge success! From start to finish Ann, Craig and their fabulous team made this experience almost effortless for me. I’ve never seen a company operate so smoothly; they are a well-oiled machine. I'm sitting here with an empty home and a smile on my face. I'm still amazed!

The knowledge, expertise and attention to detail that GCB possesses is so reassuring, but I would say the most important thing about the Georges is that they are incredibly ethical and truly care about their clients. I highly recommend GCB Estate Sales...they are Top Notch!
Tracy H.
May 2020
The GCB team took care of everything, from set up to clean up. I was very impressed with how professional they were and can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for knowledgable experts who make every effort to make sure the sale goes off without a hitch.
Deborah L., Indialantic, FL
January 2020
We put our house up for sale in March and during that month I interviewed GCB Estate Company for an eventual estate sale. We are moving out of the country and have to liquidate a 5 bedroom 3,500 sq. ft. house. At the very onset of my time with Ann, I felt almost immediately that her company was going to be the one we eventually would chose even though I had interviewed several. When our house went under contract, time was of the essence. I called Ann and Craig and they kindly moved another sale to accommodate us because we had a closing date to meet and were under an extremely tight schedule. We moved out and they moved in. The first thing I noticed was how organized they are. I was so impressed how their team works together to achieve the common goal. The sheer number of staff is quite impressive. They photograph your main items and create a website so their followers can see what you have prior to your sale. They have quite a following. Additionally, if you have an item that may be difficult to sell, they will do their best to find a buyer BEFORE the sale in order to ensure it sells. The night before our sale we had 4,500 unique hits on our sale site. After 3 days, we had an empty house. We were shocked! They did an amazing job! I couldn't believe how much they were able to sell during the three day sale. I was equally impressed with how hard they all worked post sale to make sure they leave your home clean and tidy. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone who has this task of cleaning out a home.
Mary C., Melbourne, FL
November 2019
This past weekend GCB Estate Sales conducted an estate sale in our home. I don't normally write any reviews, but I was so impressed with this company. I am an engineer by trade and therefore very hard to please. Craig and Ann, the company owners are professionals and know the estate sale business extensively. Their entire team have great personalities and are so easy to work with. They spend time prior to the sale getting organized. Unlike some other estate sale companies, GCB take inventory of all of your personal items and spend weeks prior to the estate sale researching and establishing fair market value prices for your items. Everything is marked with prices pre-sale. They take pictures using professional lighting to make sure your items present well on their website. I was so impressed with their attention to detail. They care for your personal items as if they were their own. They increase staff for the actual sale days. Every evening after the sale Craig called us to keep us posted on how everything was going. They said they were aiming for an empty house by the end of the sale and they were able to accomplish that! The GCB Estate team made our life stress free completing this task for us. I really enjoyed working with Craig, Ann and the rest of their team. They totally exceeded any of my expectations!
Kieran C., Melbourne, FL
November 2019
I’m reaching out to thank you, Craig and your Team for the simply exemplary job you all did with the preparation, execution and after action items from my Mom’s estate. I was dreading the process of researching, preparing and selling my parents collection of antiques. I heard nothing but praise about you and your Team from everyone who came in contact with them. Everyone on your Team was hard working, proactive, courteous, respectful of people and the items, honest and of the highest integrity. I was completely comfortable with you and your staff in the house. I’m so grateful for the amazing work everyone did. You, Craig and your Team are 5 stars plus. I would recommend you to others without hesitation. I’m so glad you were recommended to me!!!
Kurt S., Melbourne, FL
October 2019
GCB Estate Sales went Above and way Beyond. I am so very thankful and blessed to have found them to help with my mother's estate. The detail, time, energy, communication I could go on and on. Craig and Ann came in with their team and took care of everything. Such a difficult time and situation for me and they took all my worries and concerns away so I could focus on healing and my family. The turn out for the sale was incredible. They blew me away. I will always be so thankful.
Suzi H., Melbourne, FL
September 2019
Simply read the other reviews and know that everything said about this company is true. They are professional, true to their word, have excellent staff, and are wonderful to work with. We down-sized and had to liquidate about half the contents of our house in a matter of days, once the house sold. Craig, Ann and their staff made a potentially painful experience go smoothly. Three days.... done! If you need help with finding homes for your possessions, they are the ones to call. Do it!
Jean T., Melbourne, FL
April 2019
I wanted to belatedly say that I am so, so grateful I found GCB Estate Sales via a friend, who used their services about a year before I had to when we decided my mom needed to move from her home in Satellite Beach to be closer to us.

Even with a friend's recommendation, I reached out to Ann and Craig quite skeptically, not sure that it would be a positive experience, but in the end it was wonderful. Ann and Craig redefine how estate sales should be done. They thoughtfully and patiently worked through a houseful of my mom's goods, including jewelry, and by the time they were done preparing it for sale I knew I had hired consummate professionals. A line of people were waiting to get in to see my mom's goods the first morning of the sale, and the few items that didn't sell were taken for use at later sales. Throughout it all, I was kept informed of what was selling for what price, how much money we could expect and what they thought might sell at a later point.

Hire them. You won't regret it.
Bill F., Satellite Beach, FL
February 2019
Thank you so much for all your hard work on Mom's estate sale. You went above and beyond to make it a success!! We are grateful!!
Debbie S., Melbourne, FL
December 2018
We could not have been more pleased with the outstanding job Craig and Ann did in making a very large estate sale happen in what amounted to a shorter than planned time frame. Because more items than anticipated were claimed before the sale by family members, Ann and Craig brought in enough other items to fill up the house and enhance the chances that folks would come to the sale. They were very knowledgeable about what the prices should be and very diligent in how they advertised and staged the house. In addition to being highly professional, they were very nice to deal with and sensitive to the emotional impact the family members were experiencing with the dissolution of the estate after so many memorable years. I highly recommend GCB.
Kathleen K., Indialantic, FL
November 2018
GCB Estate Sales organized, marketed and executed an estate sale for me that was incredible. I highly recommend them for helping anyone with high end antiques, rugs, silver and collectibles. They do their homework and price your items accurately. They came up with a creative solution to staging our estate items because our condo HOA doesn't allow estate sales. I had four PODS from many houses & moves. They explored the option of our items being staged at the home of another client, who kindly agreed. Professional, internet savvy and they do all the work. What's not to love. Thank you Ann & Craig George and your team.
Lisa M., Satellite Beach, FL
November 2018
We are so happy with the results of our sale by GCB. From beginning to end their professionalism was impeccable. We had full trust in them and the services they provided and they did not disappoint. From communications, to set up and staging, the actual sale, all the way through packing up, clearing out and cleaning. Everything was done way beyond our expectations and the results of our sale were fantastic. Don't look any further!
Cindy C., Rockledge, FL
October 2018
We cannot say enough great things about Ann and Craig, as well as their staff. Their professionalism and integrity far exceeded our expectations. Everything ran smoothly from start to finish. All items were cleaned, organized, priced and staged beautifully. There was an enormous amount of time devoted to the preparation prior to the sale, as well as during the sale. We couldn't have been happier with the results. Thank you Ann and Craig for a very successful sale.
Terry and Gary S., Cocoa, FL
June 2018
When we first started the monumental task of going through our grandmother's house we were overwhelmed to say the least. Grandma had become a bit of a hoarder, and my first instinct was to throw everything out until we started going through some of the items and realized there were still some good serviceable items. A friend recommended we try having an estate sale. We contacted several estate sale companies in the area but weren't really "sold" on any of them until we met with Craig and Ann. They gave us a sense of peace and ease in explaining the whole process and keeping in communication throughout from sorting to pricing to the day of the sale and after. We felt total confidence in handing them the keys to the house as we lived in another state. They took on the daunting task of going through everything and finding even some hidden treasures squirreled away in the oddest of places. They took meticulous care in the research, staging, and presentation of items to garner top dollar in returns. During the sale they maintained contact with daily tallies of what was sold and their game plan for the next day. We made a lot more in the sale than ever expected. After the sale they left the house in superb condition. They really went above and beyond our highest expectations. I strongly recommend Craig, Ann, and the rest of the GCB crew if you're looking for an estate sale company. You will not be disappointed.
Carlos and Jaci C., Monroe, NY
February 2018
I truly appreciate all you did, the way you did it, and for the peace of mind you gave us in the process. Thank you!
Lucy C., Melbourne Beach, FL
December 2017
Please spend the time to read all the other testimonials. They reflect our feelings exactly. Only thing I can add is the professionalism and high standards that Craig and Ann utilize in their business are exactly what my wife and I were looking for. We interviewed three competing businesses in the area and visited their estate sale days, spoke with six, and there simply was no comparison for, again, the professionalism and high standards that GCB Estate Sales performs their services from beginning to end. It wasn't even close. We recommend GCB unequivocally!
Tony R., West Melbourne, FL
October 2017
Our family shares an absolute recommendation for GCB Estate Sales as a premiere resource toward all the steps of liquidation. Their friendly customer service and experience transformed an overwhelming task into a manageable process and I couldn’t be more pleased with the end results.
Kellie P., Melbourne Beach, FL
September 2017
Craig and Ann did an amazing job! They truly went above and beyond! When our father passed away, my sister and I were faced with selling all of his belongings in a very quick timeframe because we got an offer on his house before we had even put it on the market. Craig and Ann not only helped us sell everything, they also first helped us go through everything! Prior to engaging their services, this process had seemed completely overwhelming and monumental to my sister and I. Based on my research into other estate companies, Craig and Ann were unusual in providing this extra service. They even helped us go through things that were not going to be included in the estate sale, like sentimental things and personal paperwork. They were incredibly respectful and compassionate, and gave the same care in going through these items as I imagine they would if it had been their own loved one that had passed. They also really listened to our particular needs, and really took them into account in their approach to the sale.

If you are wise enough to choose them to handle your estate sale, I believe that you, like me, will be incredibly grateful to them! Just to put my review in the proper context, I almost never take the time to write a review. I have written only a few reviews in my entire lifetime. So, the fact that I have taken the time to write this means that I am EXTREMELY happy with the job they did.
Anneliese F. and Kirsten U., Melbourne Beach, FL
July 2017
After my last remaining parent died, my sibling and I had the monumental task of doing an Estate Sale and full clean out of a beachside home in Brevard County. My parent's had lived in the area since the mid-1980's so this was not going to be an easy task to complete. Complicating the matter, both my sibling and I lived out of state and were at least a day's drive by car from the Space Coast. Our local Estate law firm recommended only one Estate Sale company to us: GCB. When I spoke with a past client of GCB Estate Sales named Ken, he had done the research on over 7 different local estate companies and it was clear that GCB was the company to use from his perspective. Those two recommendations were enough for me and I couldn't have made a better choice to handle our unique situation. The owners of GCB Estate Sales (Craig and his wife Ann) became extended family members to us. Their communication was clear, honest and upfront about everything, even down to the most trivial details. I was worried that the process of cleaning out my parent's home would take months but they were able to come up with a plan and approach which guided us through every step of the process. I came down in early March, met with them the day after we arrived on site and over the next 11 days their consultation was critical towards achieving our goal of pulling off an Estate Sale and then emptying all contents of the house. At the end of my 11 days in the area, I gave their team full access to the home and by the end of March our Estate Sale was complete and by early April the entire home was cleaned out and ready to be listed for sale. Don't get me wrong, those 11 days while I was in the area required a commitment of hard work, long days (6am to 10pm) and brutal decision making about what to keep since you realistically won't be able to keep all of your parent's possessions. This is where Craig and Ann shined by guiding us on how to not get bogged down and showing us how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Other than the 11 days when our family was at the home deciding what to keep from the home, we were completely remote and I entrusted them with the care of our family's most valuable and personal possessions. After I had left Brevard County, they kept us informed via text of how progress was being made or when they had questions. They even helped in coordination of repair work required to prep our home for being sold and met with potential vehicle buyers to give them test drives of the car being sold. I cannot speak highly enough of them as a team. Are there less expensive companies out there? Yes, but you get what you pay for and you can't put a price on trust. They have earned my highest recommendation.
Don R., Satellite Beach. FL
March 2017
Facing the volume of items, including more than 2,500 antique books that my family entrusted me to liquidate was daunting to say the very least. It was made worse after another estate sale company left me in a lurch with no action and eventually no response after we made a verbal agreement, (most likely because of the size, diversity and sheer volume of the books and other items.) GCB saved the Day! Ann and Craig lifted me out of a desperate situation with stunning expertise and sincere empathy, and they did it quickly. GCB is the whole package. They ensured I received the highest possible value for the items for sale, that I was comfortable with their process and were even a comfort to my aging father. They made what could have been a heartbreaking process one of joy and anticipation for our family. They are truly wonderful, caring people who are passionate about their profession.
Gwendolyn A., Merritt Island, FL
December 2016
We are so pleased!! We just can't praise GCB enough!! What a trustworthy company. Their service was impeccable. So very professional. We felt that each item had its own personal attention.
Winston and Marilyn S., Rockledge, FL
September 2016
Thank you to Ann, Craig & the entire GCB Team for all the hard work you did to make our Estate Sale in Indialantic, FL so successful! Also, for helping to make our move go so smoothly without any stress! You were a "God-send" to us & we're so thankful & grateful for everything! Highly recommend the GCB to anyone moving or downsizing! Thanks again! Steve & Jill
Steve and Jill S., Indialantic, FL
August 2016
After my Dad's death I had the overwhelming job of going through 30 years of memories, all the things my parents collected and treasured. Ann helped me discover some treasures that might be missed by the untrained eye! She was honest and respectful throughout the entire process. They took measures to protect carpeting that we did not want trampled during the sale. They go above and beyond to make the experience as painless as possible. Afterwards the house was clean and empty. Their help was immeasurable!
Cynthia P., Indian Harbour Beach, FL
August 2016
As an attorney and trustee for an elderly relative who had transitioned into residential care, when faced with the prospect of having to deal with--from 325 miles away--the liquidation of her Merritt Island estate consisting of a huge 50-year accumulation of high quality artwork, collectibles, a very large collection books (many of them valuable first editions), tools, and household goods, I quickly came to the conclusion that the situation called for professional intervention. To that end I interviewed several different estate sale companies in Brevard County before deciding on GCB. In the end I chose GCB largely on the basis of a personal interview, the quality of their online presentation of items for prior sales, the sense that they have a personal interest and involvement in their work, and their special expertise in books. In sum, I was extremely pleased with the overall result of our July 2016 sale. When turning an estate over to a firm for liquidation--especially when dealing with a firm at a long distance--the element of trustworthiness is first and foremost in one’s mind. In this critical regard, from the very outset I was completely at ease with Ann and Craig George. They stayed in constant communication as they worked to organize the contents of the house and stage the sale, and they did not hesitate to collaborate closely with me whenever there was a question about provenance of an item or pricing. I was very impressed with the amount of time they put into researching and pricing items, and, as I had seen in their prior sales, they once again displayed obvious care and talent in the attractive staging and presentation of sale items to attract buyers and secure the best prices. I very much appreciated the constant feedback, both as they prepared for the sale and during the course of the three-day sale itself. Also, their computerized point of sale system, which provided very useful quantitative analysis about the sale, was unique among the companies I interviewed and from my perspective as a representative of the estate definitely gave them an edge. In the end, they were great to work with, they were very professional in every respect, and the three-day sale they conducted was very successful. Without question, GCB has earned my highest recommendation.
Ken K., Tallahassee, FL
July 2016
After interviewing 4 other estate sale companies, I almost gave up but a friend suggested talking to Ann George of GCB Estate Sales. My initial meeting with Ann gave me new confidence and a level of trust as a friend and I peppered her with questions. She was genuine in her responses answering all of my questions and explaining in detail how their approach maximizes sales. At my second meeting, Ann and her husband Craig sat down with me and went over every word of the contract and the entire process. Their professionalism along with the glowing recommendations of their three references convinced me to a new level of assurance I hadn't found with other companies, so much so, I handed over the keys to my mother's home and gave them free reign to stage the home, advertise and collect the proceeds.

Throughout the entire process, the lines of communication were open and a very successful estate sale was executed. Ann and Craig make a great team, their individual skill sets combine to create a surprisingly sophisticated approach to estate sales and analysis.
Michele E., Melbourne, FL
May 2016
Great communication! Personalized attention! Extremely knowledgeable regarding antiques, collectibles, books, etc. Their team did a great job cleaning and staging the items for sale, photographing the items for the website, and conducting the sale! We were faced with the challenge of a daunting sixty year family collection/accumulation and are extremely satisfied and glad that GCB Estate Sales was the company that we chose!
Steve G., Indialantic, FL
April 2016
We are so pleased with Ann and Craig George. After a very unexpected death in the family, we were overwhelmed with facing the removal of all household items. It was a huge undertaking and we put our complete trust in GCB to take over and take care of this job from start to finish. They accomplished this large task last week in Fellsmere. We can not say enough about the Georges and their staff. They are all sincere, warm, and caring. The end result was a well done, everything gone, job done. The Georges were also willing to work with our Realtor to show the house (which is for sale) and gained many interested potential buyers. They truly had our needs at heart and we can not say enough about all the wonderful, detailed work they did to accomplish what we needed. I highly recommend the Georges for your estate needs.
Sandy and Ray D., Fellsmere, FL
April 2016
Pardon our enthusiasm but we were so very pleased with the services provided by GCB Estate Sales. Every person on the team treated our belongings and our home with care and respect and kept us informed during every step of the process. As this was our first estate sale we had no idea what to expect, however, multiple seasoned estate shoppers were so impressed that they took the time to tell us that our sale was exceptionally well done.
Ruth P., Sebastian, FL
February 2016
Thank you for doing the estate sale for us. I have not had a moments worry about how things would be handled, and I thank you for that peace of mind.
Kathy T., Indian Harbour Beach, FL
August 2015
The passing of a family member presents lots of challenges, one being what to do with a household full of family treasures. Ann and her team came in and researched our vintage/antiques, polished or washed and pressed, organized and then beautifully set the stage for a very successful estate sale. The team was trustworthy, efficient and best of all - fun to work with. I would highly recommend this group to anyone.
Beegee W., West Melbourne, FL
April 2015
After the recent passing of both parents our GCB Estate Sale was handled with professionalism, and much respect for the family treasures. We were impressed with the amount of research done in order to put a fair value on our parents’ collectibles. GCB's sensitivity helped our family through an emotional time.
Marsha L., Satellite Beach, FL
February 2015

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