GCB Estate Sales, LLC provides the following services:

- Estate Liquidation

- Executive Downsizing

- Clean-out Services

- Consignment of Personal Property


THE ESTATE SALE PROCESS: We work very hard to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the estate sale process from start to finish through regular and ongoing communication.

Organizing The Sale

Before a sale, we brings in an experienced team to organize and clean every item in the sale. We will create a beautiful and comprehensive display of all items to be sold. Additionally, we will bring in display tables and locking cases for smaller valuable items.


We research, price and tag every single item in the sale. Pricing will be based upon research of like items in like condition and by understanding current Fair Market Value in our area. The client’s input regarding the value of specific items is always considered.


Every sale is advertised on www.EstateSales.NET, the premier, nationally recognized website for estate liquidation. Your sale-specific website will include an extensive photo album, item descriptions, featured specialty items and video, to generate interest and attract a broad audience. We will also feature your sale locally, regionally and nationally, if appropriate. In addition, we also advertise and promote the sale in the Florida Today or other local newspaper, on www.GCBEstateSales.com, and on our Facebook Business Page.

Conducting the Sale

We will conduct the sale in a professional, efficient manner with two main objectives: to sell every available item and to maximize proceeds for our client. To assist with the sale, we will bring in a team of retired corporate professionals with a passion for estate sales to help with the sale. 

We utilize a state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) system which improves the check-out process by reducing transaction times and subsequent queue wait times. 


We will take all reasonable steps to guard against theft of/or damage to sale items. Security is one of our primary considerations. We will use locked showcases and manned stations for anything small that is of great value. We also employ certain elements of video surveillance to enhance theft deterrent efforts.


During the estate sale, GCB Estate Sales, LLC accepts all major credit cards and, of course, cash. We do not accept checks. The client will receive payment within two weeks of the conclusion of the sale.

Disposal of Unsold Items

We provide various clean-out options for unsold items at the end of the sale based upon the goals and desires of our client. 


If your family is considering an estate liquidation or downsizing sale, please consider GCB Estate Sales. It would be our pleasure to assist you.


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